Mission Statement

Our mission at Zahri is to provide the best and finest lingerie, active wear, waist trainers and body shapewear to all the beautiful women of Canada and the US, in all of their shapes and sizes. Our core value is to honor and respect all women and give them the venue to feel and look beautiful, whether in private with their significant others, or while being active and training. We at Zahri believe that a woman’s body is sacred and divine, to be admired, revered, and paid tribute to, in the full spectrum and range of shapes and forms that it manifests itself in, each unique and distinctly divine in its own way. Our raison d’etre here at Zahri is merely to provide some of the tools and ornaments to help this beauty shine out and reveal itself in its full magnificence.  Be beautiful, feel beautiful, for that is essence of all women, and at Zahri we solemnly and humbly venerate this beauty and want to be a means in displaying this.